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Project Description
dnnFiddle is a DotNetNuke module that aims to make it easier to add rich content to your DotNetNuke website.

DotNetNuke is a great platform for delivering web content. There are thousands of extensions available which enable the average office worker to maintain very rich functionality on their website.

Unfortunately, most of the tools available today don't work well for web developers who want to add rich content to a site. The HTML module is great for adding HTML to a site, but doesn't easily allow a content editor to add custom CSS or custom JavaScript.

Over the last couple of years, I have been using jsFiddle for doing proof of concept work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and thought that would make a great DotNetNuke module.

dnnFiddle solves these problems and gives you complete control over the HTML, CSS and JavaScript needed to bring your content to life. In addition, you can add custom JavaScript files allowing you to build content using jQuery, MooTools, Prototype, Knockout or any other JavaScript framework you wish to use.


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